D&W Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction will be the focus of everything we do at D&W as we strive to become our customers’ first choice of vendor.

D&W will be the finest distributor and rebuilder for the product lines we represent.

D&W will operate as a fair and honest company, accountable for our word and honoring the commitments we make to our customers, our vendors and our co-workers.

D&W will develop an atmosphere in the work place that will encourage and allow everyone to seek ways of making continuous improvement in everything they do.

D&W will have the best-trained and most professional people in the industry.

D&W will constantly strive to align with reliable, high quality vendors.

D&W will provide the best quality products and services, available to our customers through strategic sales locations that are supported by extensive inventories and custom rebuilding capabilities, all at affordable prices.

Satisfying Customers… One At A Time