Remanufacturing is Our Business

D&W is a leader in remanufacturing diesel engine components such as starters, alternators, DC motors, turbochargers, diesel fuel injection pumps, injectors, and fan clutches, as well as a variety of tank truck and industrial equipment such as blowers, vacuum pumps, rotary air locks, gear boxes and some liquid pumps.

Our facility in Auburn, NY provides remanufacturing services for customers ranging from global equipment manufacturers to regional equipment distributors to local farmers and contractors. D&W can remanufacture one item for an individual or provide a complete program including product remanufacturing, establishing program policies and procedures, core management, package design, and distribution.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is a process by which a failed component is restored to “like new” condition.

Advantages of Remanufacturing


Remanufactured products have a like-new or better quality. Our products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and quality you can count on.


Refuse to pay more! Save up to 60% with remanufactured products compared to new.


Remanufacturing produces less waste and reduces demand for new raw materials and energy. Environmentally Friendly = Sustainability

Discover Our Remanufacturing Process
  1. Cores

    D&W has an extensive core inventory and core management team. All cores go through inspection, grading, identification and evaluation processes.

  2. Tear Down

    Components are first carefully disassembled by experienced technicians and then go through a thorough evaluation for thermo distortion, shaft straightness, thread damage and crack detection. Parts then undergo industry-leading salvage techniques such as: resurfacing, sleeving, machining and balancing.

  3. Cleaning & Painting

    Salvaged parts go through a non-destructive cleaning process with pressure washing, ultrasonic, non-abrasive tumbling and baking. Parts are protected when corrosion resistant sealers, powder coatings, varnishes and finish paints are applied.

  4. Reassembly

    Experienced technicians use state-of-the-art reclaimation techniques acquired through affiliations with the world’s leading remanufacturing organizations. Technicians reassemble the units using salvaged major components and new bearings, seals, o-rings and other selected parts. We adhere to strict, documented standards ensuring consistent quality of our remanufactured products.

  5. Testing

    Products undergo process and quality audits, dynamic testing for performance under load, leak detection, bearing integrity and noise. We have over $2 million in industry-leading test equipment. This ensures units have been rebuilt to precise reassembly standards, torques and orientations.

  6. Packing & Shipping

    All finished products are placed in protective packaging and are barcoded for traceability. D&W has vast inventory of finished goods ready for same-day shipment.

Reman products are cost effective, reduce downtime, improve equipment availability and drive down operating costs. But the benefits of reman extend beyond the bottom line—and impact environmental and social performance as well. That’s why remanufactured products can play a key role in a sustainability strategy.
Joseph Allen Commercial Manager Market Support
Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services