D&W Launches New Website for Performance Enthusiasts

Fair prices and a large inventory is not enough to guarantee a business will succeed. D&W recognized that making it convenient for customers to shop is just as important.

Auburn, NY January 6, 2009 – D&W Diesel, Inc. headquartered in Auburn, NY has launched a new retail website for motor enthusiasts: www.dwenginecomponents.com.

While the headlines are consumed with bad news regarding the auto industry, not all automotive sectors are suffering. There are some vehicle owners that are just not satisfied with the power and performance of a stock vehicle and are willing to spend from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to add or upgrade the equipment on their vehicle; all in the name of horsepower. D&W Performance provides solutions for getting more horsepower from gas and diesel powered vehicles.

Gas powered sport compact cars are one segment of the performance market. Typical modifications include upgrading the turbocharger, wastegate, blow-off valve or intercooler.

Diesel powered vehicles — primarily pickup trucks — are the main focus of the D&W Performance product offering. Upgrading the Ford Powerstroke, Chevy Duramax and Dodge Cummins engines are a mainstay of the performance market. Some customers just want the power for off-road fun, whether it’s on a racetrack or through the fields. Other owners require better fuel economy or more power for towing their boat, camper, or trailer. Motor home and agricultural equipment owners can also benefit from increased performance.

Enthusiasts have a number of options available for increasing horsepower output. Some of the most popular products offered by D&W are downloaders, air intakes and turbochargers. Depending on the desired amount of increased performance and the amount of money they are willing to spend, most vehicle owners will purchase more than one product to achieve their goal.

Automakers incorporate on-board computers to do a variety of tasks, from metering the amount of fuel and air delivered to the combustion chambers to controlling the emission system. Downloaders and other electronic devices work with a vehicle’s computer to bring out its full performance and fuel economy potential.

Heat + fuel + air = combustion and combustion generates power. Increasing the amount of fuel to the point that it is out of balance with the amount of air available will limit the potential for increased horsepower and decrease the engine’s efficiency. Upgrading the air intake to minimize restriction delivers more air to the engine for more efficient burn of the fuel.

Engine manufacturers use turbochargers on their engines to increase the amount of air delivered to the combustion chambers when the computer senses more power is needed, for example to accelerate or climb a hill. Turbos pull ambient air through the air intake and compress the air before it enters the combustion chamber for more efficient fuel burn. When matching a turbo upgrade to an engine, the buyer looks for a turbo that will deliver higher volume of air or is capable of more boost than the stock turbo.

Performance enthusiasts tend to be Internet savvy, especially when researching their next purchase. D&W had been successful selling & installing performance products for local customers. To expand their performance business and connect with more of these Internet shoppers, a select team at D&W worked for more than a year to design a user-friendly retail website.

Prior to the launch of the new website, customers had to call in for product information and order placement. Calls are still welcome, as the staff at D&W enjoys assisting customers with choosing the correct product(s) to boost the power output. The new website enables customers to browse the available products and shop on-line when it is convenient for them. One unique feature of the new site is the make-model-year search. This tool enables customers to search for products specifically based on the year, make and model of their vehicle.

About D&W Performance:

D&W has been remanufacturing diesel engine components for more than 30 years. What began in a one-bay garage with founder Doug Wayne and one employee in 1976 has grown to six locations with more than 200 employees. The company’s original focus was starters and alternators. Recognizing a demand in the market, Doug and his brother David Wayne expanded D&W to include more product lines, such as diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, turbocharging and performance powertrain products. D&W is an authorized distributor for Garrett, Bully Dog, BD Diesel, FASS, Vibrant and other internationally recognized performance powertrain products manufacturers.