D&W Diesel offers products that fall into five categories: Engine Components, Performance Powertrain Products, Truck & Tank Equipment, Industrial Products and Hose Products.

Engine Components

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D&W offers a wide array of engine component parts and related services. We represent many of the most recognized brands in the industry offering the world’s latest technologies and highest quality products available.

We support these product offerings with large inventories, drive-in installation and troubleshooting services as well as extensive component repair and remanufacturing capabilities.

Don’t let engine-related problems keep your equipment down. D&W provides solutions in the following areas of specialization:

Internal Engine Parts

On- and off-highway engine overhaul kits and piece parts for heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Starting & Charging Systems

Starters, alternators, batteries, cables, connectors and more.

DC Motors

DC electric motors for mobile equipment needs.

Fuel Injection Pumps & Injectors

Electronic and mechanically controlled diesel fuel system components.


All makes of turbochargers, wastegates and connector hoses.

Charge Air Coolers

Air-to-air intercoolers, connector hoses, clamps and testing equipment.

Engine Fans, Fan Clutches & Controls

Viscous, electromagnetic and air on/off fan clutches, steel and polymer fans and control devices.


Engine & hydraulic filtration systems & replacement elements.

Water Pumps

Air Compressors

Hose & Couplings

Hose and fittings designed for heavy duty on- and off-highway equipment and repair shop needs.

Rely on D&W for solutions to your diesel engine component needs.


Performance Products

If you are looking to get more out of your engine, let D&W introduce you to the most exciting performance enhancing technologies available today. Since 1980, D&W has been bringing you the best names in original equipment fuel injection and turbocharging components. We now offer our expertise, along with the top names in the industry, to help you apply the most innovative products available to upgrade your engine.

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D&W specs, sells and installs performance related equipment for gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles.

Industrial Products

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D&W’s focus is to provide our customers with solutions that increase efficiency, reliability and contribute to your profitability. We represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment. Whether your plant needs more compressed air, longer-life hose assemblies or your blowers don’t provide the air your process requires, D&W Industrial can help.

In addition to the products described below, D&W provides our customers with services that add value to those products. Our air compressor service technicians perform emergency repairs 24 / 7 at your site and preventive maintenance to minimize your system’s down time. Remanufacturing of blowers, gear boxes, vacuum pumps and rotary airlocks provides our customers with like-new performance and cost savings. We offer engineering and fabrication services to ensure your system is properly designed and correctly assembled.

Air Compressors and Systems

Gardner Denver and Kobelco compressors and a full complement of accessories including dryers, replacement parts, filters, lubricants and piping.

Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Gardner Denver’s CycloBlower, DuroFlow and Sutorbilt machines. Air filtration and intake/exhaust silencers.

Pneumatic Conveying Components & Process Equipment

Bulk bag stations, bag dump stations, filter receivers, airlocks, slide gate valves, tubing & components, hoppers, volumetric feeders, flexible augers, bin-silo-railcar vibrators.

Metal Separation, Vibration & Screening Equipment

Grate, plate, hump, suspended, and conveyor drum magnets; non-ferrous eddy current separation, vibratory conveyors, conveyor/screener combinations, vibratory feeders, circular screeners/feeders.

Package Systems

Complete engineering, design and fabrication of blower/vacuum packages to suit your needs.

Hose & Fittings

Bulk lengths or fabricated hose assemblies for any application, fittings and adapters, cam & groove couplings and sanitary fittings. All kinds of valves including dry break, solenoid, butterfly, check, ball and relief.

Rely on the D&W Industrial team for solutions to your industrial production and maintenance needs.

Truck & Tank Equipment

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Today more products are transported by tank truck than ever before. Whether it’s dry bulk products such as flour, sugar, fly ash, cement or plastics; or liquids like chocolate, corn syrup, refined fuels, hot tar, LPG or industrial waste — bulk tanker trucks are carrying the load.

D&W designs, installs, sells and services many types of tank truck loading and unloading equipment. We represent some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers. View Our Truck Hydraulics Service Center Brochure


Rotary lobe, helical screw and vane styles for pressure and vacuum applications, turboconveyors.

Vacuum Pumps

Air or water cooled vane pumps.

Liquid Pumps

Gear, vane and rotary lobe styles.


Rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating piston styles.

Hydraulic Drive Systems

PTOs, pumps, motors, lines and oil coolers.

Hose & Couplings

Metal, rubber and PVC hoses, cam & groove and specialized couplers.

Tanker Components

Silencers, drop elbows, strainers, valves, nozzles, sensors, swivels, overfill detection, aeration equipment, and more.

For corn syrup or cement, gasoline or bulk feed — D&W has the personnel and equipment to solve your loading and unloading challenges.

Hose Products

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Hose Products

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Hose assemblies are used to convey all types of media; from air to water, oils to acids, chemical vapors to abrasive dry materials. They are expected to perform flawlessly in many environments ranging from subzero temperatures to hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit. Demands from the working environment may include abrasive materials, twisting, corrosive conditions or pulsating and vibration. D&W is well equipped and experienced to handle these problems and provide long term solutions.

D&W has aligned with the top manufacturers in the hose and coupling industry. We offer a variety of products and are committed to having the products you need, when you need them. Our hose technicians have extensive field experience and are trained and certified by our manufacturers to build safe, reliable hose assemblies. We are always available to help provide solutions for your toughest applications.

Hydraulic Hose

Applications including hydraulic, fuel, air brake, air conditioning, suction & pressure, air & water — including pressure washer.

Material Handling

For the suction/discharge transfer of powdered, granular or pelletized materials such as dry cement, sand, lime, plastics, animal feed, and cleaning agents.

Chemical and Environmental Hoses

Bulk transport, in-plant, job site, mining, construction, landscaping, hazmat cleanup and septic service.

Food-Grade Hose

For dry & liquid bulk tanker transport, transfer within processing plant and on the farm applications. Used for sugar, syrups, vegetable oils, flour, rice, cornstarch, dairy products and beverages.

Petroleum Hose

For bulk tanker transport, home delivery trucks, rail car unloading, pressure & gravity discharge, vapor recovery, crack sealer and grease trap suction. Used to handle refined fuels, lubricating oils, LPG, hot tar, etc.

General Purpose Hose

Air, oil and water service. Used in a wide variety of applications including air powered construction tools (jackhammer & bull hose), in-shop air powered tools, and garden hoses.

Special Application Hose

D&W represents a number of hose and coupling manufacturers that design and build products for many of these special niches.

Fittings and Valves

We represent some of the world’s finest designers and manufacturers of couplings, fittings, adapters and valves.

It’s easy to get the hose you need when you choose D&W as your hose supplier.