Compressors and Accessories For Liquid Bulk Transfer

Liquid bulk haulers often choose to use compressors to unload their cargo. When unloading certain corrosive or abrasive liquids, it’s more practical to use a compressor to pressurize the tank and force the liquid out the tank discharge rather than expose the pump to these materials. In other applications the compressor puts positive air pressure into the tank to push the liquid to the pump. Whatever your needs may be to unload liquid bulk cargo, D&W can help.

Product Offering

American Eagle

These piston compressors were marketed under the E.L. Smith/P.K. Lindsay name until acquired by American Eagle in February 2002. Popular models for truck transport are the V230, V360 and V480. An important feature these units offer is a crankcase breather that vents to the atmosphere and does not contaminate the air stream. Shaft or hydraulically driven, we offer bare compressors or time saving quick mount kits that are easy to install on your truck.

Gardner Denver Drum

Oil-free rotary vane compressors providing up to 75 CFM in a compact unit. Liquid haulers value its fast unloading, oil free air and excellent reliability. Available in hydraulic or shaft-driven versions.

Related Products and Services

Gardner Denver Drum

Drum also manufactures the Hydrapak hydraulic oil cooler, available in a range of sizes, for hydraulic drive systems.

D&W Tank Truck

Custom remanufacturing and repair services.
Drive-in services: we can troubleshoot your existing system, make any repairs or perform upgrades or installations to meet your needs.
Application engineering.

Ready-to-install modular units including:

  • Hydraulically driven gear pump/piston compressor combination
  • Hydraulic drive piston compressors
  • Electric motor driven vane compressors
  • Shaft drive gear pumps or compressors

Fabrication of mounting brackets and package units.
Spec’ing and installation of hydraulic & PTO drive systems.


  • Lubricating oils & greases
  • Compressor repair kits and parts (Gardner Denver only)
  • Mounting brackets, quick mount truck installation kits
  • Silencers, mufflers, air intake filters
  • Valves: full assortment including air relief and swing check
  • PTOs, drive lines, couplings; electric motors or engines
  • Material transfer and air hose & couplings, custom hose assemblies
  • Gauges

Make D&W your source for compressors built for the tank truck market.