Couplings, Fittings, Adapters & Valves

D&W Diesel takes pride in representing some of the world’s finest designers and manufacturers of couplings, fitings, adapters and valves. All hose assemblies should be treated with respect as potential hazards. This requires the full support of our customers supplying us with the S.T.A.M.P.E.D. information. Couplings should be checked regularly and worn out fittings replaced. Retaining devices such as clips, cables or chains should be used.

D&W can help you with proper coupling recommendations, hose safety audits and training. We supply custom made hose assemblies or bulk hose, clamps, fittings and adapters for customers that prefer to make their own assemblies. Working together we can ensure the safety we all desire.

Product Offering

Allegheny Coupling

A line of lightweight, fabricated fittings of aluminum, steel and stainless steel primarily for the tank transportation industry. Fittings include bends, tees, laterals, strainers (all belled for easy assembly), couplings, flanges and gaskets.


Stainless or galvanized carbon steel band & buckle systems, preformed clamps, tools.


Polypropylene liquid handling products include cam & groove couplings, pipe thread fittings, hose barbs. Also available are line strainers, pumps, ball valves, nozzle valves, shutoff valves and more.


Worm gear clamps, t-bolt clamps, liner clamps, thumb screw clamps, constant torque clamps, hi-torque v-band clamps.


Cam & groove couplings in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Dixon / Bayco / FloTech

Dixon / Bayco / FloTech

Extensive assortment including cam & groove, quick connect and ground joint couplings, hose clamps, swivels, compressed air service fittings, drain cocks, ball valves, check valves, retaining devices, strainers, tools, piece parts & accessories. Sanitary fittings. Pipe and welding fittings. Fire hose nozzles, hydrant wrenches and accessories. Petroleum tanker overfill and retain detection systems, drop elbows, API, swing check, vapor recovery and air relief valves, nozzles. Dry bulk tanker air interlocks, swing checks, air & pressure relief valves.

Dixon Quick Coupling

Hydraulic quick disconnects, drybreak and poppet styles.


Hose ends: brass Coll-O-Crimp and field attachable compression. All thread types including metric and Cat compatible flanges.

Brass fittings: flare, compression, Polyline, Push>Connect, air brake, pipe, barb and more.

Steel fittings: pipe, For-Seal, metric, flare, flareless, swivels and more.

Tooling: portable & stationary crimp presses, tube flaring & brazing equipment, hose racks, fittings cabinets, cutting equipment available for use in your shop or service truck.

Merchandising displays & assortments: air brake lines, air conditioning fittings, metric adapters or hose ends, stock cabinets and more.

Accessories: bend restrictors, abrasion sleeves, hose guards and more.


Brass, carbon steel and stainless permanent or field attachable Coll-O-Crimp ends for teflon lined hose.

Hose Master

Metal interlocked (stripwound) hose may have welded or epoxied ends. High temperature applications may require special mechanical attachment. Corrugated metal hose assemblies are fabricated by welding the ends.


Single bolt hose clamps.

Morris Coupling

Compression couplings designed to join pipe and tubing for pneumatic conveying systems. Easy to install, available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Static conductive grounding strip is standard.


Dry break couplings used for the transfer of petroleum products from storage tanks and process piping to rail car or tank trucks.

Pacific Echo

Pacific Echo

Double bolt clamps and banding sleeves.

Super Swivels

Hydraulic inline and 90 degree live heavy duty rebuildable swivels.


Butterfly valves for tank trailer, food processing, chemical processing and pneumatic rail car applications. Available in a variety of construction materials.


Couplings for water suction & discharge with 30 degree socket flexibility. Allows for misalignment of the hoses without leaks. Easy lock & go attachment even in mud & snow.

Choose D&W to supply your hose fabrication shop with everything from crimping equipment to clamps and couplings.