Hose & Fittings

At D&W, hose is more than a product — it’s a service. Proper selection of hose & fittings for the application is essential for maximum safety. D&W happily provides that service. We make custom hose assemblies or sell bulk lengths of hose and tubing, fittings, adapters and clamps to customers that prefer to make their own assemblies. We can perform hydrostatic testing of hose assemblies. Also available are on-site hose safety audits as well as hose handling and service training.

D&W offers a wide range of hose, tubing, and coupler products. Common applications for these products include:

Hydraulic Hoses, Couplers, Crimping Equipment and Assemblies

Mobile and stationary equipment, U.S. customary and metric sizes, high pressure capabilities.

Chemical & Environmental Hoses

Bulk transport, in-plant, job site, mining, construction, landscaping, hazmat cleanup and septic service.

Food Grade Hoses & Tubing

Bulk transfer, processing plant, farm.

Petroleum, LPG and Propane Hoses

Bulk transport, rail car unloading, pressure & gravity discharge, vapor recovery, propane lift trucks.

Dry Material Transport Hoses

In-plant, tank truck and rail car unloading.

Special Application Hoses & Tubing

Unique applications such as pressure washer, sandblast, and steam.

Product Offering

Eaton Industrial

Chemical hose: acid suction & discharge, chemical transfer, hot liquid transfer.

Environmental hose: water suction & discharge and general purpose. Wide range of products including lay flat to abrasion and crush resistant.

Food grade hose & tubing: food preparation, clean up, potable water, liquid & dry bulk transfer.

Material transfer hose: dry bulk transfer in suction & discharge applications and hot air blower hose.

Special application hoses: above mentioned uses. Non-conductive and twin line also available.


Hydraulic and general purpose air/water hose & tubing: low, medium, high and very high pressure.

Hose ends & fittings: crimp and field attachable. Wide range of brass and steel fittings & adapters in all thread types including metric and flanges.

Tooling: portable & stationary crimp presses, cabinets, cutting equipment and tools.

Accessories: bend restrictors, abrasion sleeves, hose guards and more.


Preformed band clamps, bulk band and clamps.


Worm gear clamps, T-bolt clamps, liner clamps, thumb screw clamps, constant torque clamps.


Extensive assortment including cam & groove, quick connect and ground joint couplings, hose clamps, swivels, compressed air service fittings, drain cocks, ball valves, check valves, strainers, tools, piece parts & accessories. Lay flat fire hose, nozzles and accessories.

Dixon Quick Coupling

Quick disconnects: drybreak, non-spill and general purpose poppet couplings.


Hose & fabricated assemblies: stainless steel braid teflon tube hose for fluids, steam or cyrogenics. Also for petroleum compounds including asphalt, greases, lacquers and paints.


Ducting and suction hose.


Hose reels and hose reel motors.

Hose Master

Flexible corrugated and interlocked stainless steel hose & fabricated assemblies for variety of applications. Steam or hot oil jacketed and traced assemblies by special order.

Morris Coupling

Compression couplings and tube bend products for pneumatic conveying.

Pacific Echo

Pacific Echo

General suction hose for water, septic, food preparation, clean-up, liquid or dry bulk transfer and light chemical solutions.


Hose for high pressure sewer cleaning.


Lay flat discharge hose of PVC for mining, construction and irrigation.

Smart-Hose Technologies

Hose assemblies built with the Smart-Hose Safety System which is designed to instantaneously shut down the flow of material in both directions in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. The Smart-Hose Safety system is a passive safety device and therefore, needs no human intervention to activate.

Super Swivels

Hydraulic “live” swivels.


Washdown products: spray nozzles & valves.

Parker Hannifin

Hose for liquid & dry bulk transfer food suction & discharge of assorted materials.


Cam & groove couplings.


Butterfly valves.


Dry break couplings for leak-free transfer of petroleum products from storage tanks and process piping to rail car or tank trucks. Bottom loading service assemblies also available.


Couplings for water suction & discharge with 30 degree socket flexibility. Allows for misalignment of the hoses without leaks.

When it comes to hose, D&W has it all—so just call!