Liquid Pumps and Accessories

Whatever your equipment needs for unloading your liquid tanker, D&W can help. We offer gear pumps, sliding vane pumps and rotary lobe pumps to move almost any liquid, be it corn syrup, gasoline, acid, chocolate, hot tar or ink. We can design the unloading system, spec any necessary equipment and install it for you.

Product Offering


Sliding vane pumps are available in a wide range of sizes, construction, and sealing capabilities to meet your needs. A quality unique to sliding vane pumps is that they offer 100% efficiency for the life of the pump. Construction options include cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum housings and Duravane, laminate or bronze vanes. When you order your pumps we will help you choose the sealing capabilities to be compatable to the product and operational conditions (biodiesel, corrosive, high temp, low viscosity such as solvents) of your fleet.

Popular mobile styles include those found on petroleum transport and home delivery trucks. All transport pumps can be shaft or hydraulically driven. Stationary applications utilizing Blackmer pumps include petroleum fueling racks, ship and railcar unloading and in-plant filling and transfer applications. Electric or diesel powered packages are available.

Gardner Denver Drum

The rotary lobe stainless steel pump is specifically designed for transfer of food grade, chemical or pharmaceutical products from tank trailers. The quick strip design provides for easy clean-in-place and maintenance. The non-contacting rotors are highly reliable and assure contamination-free product delivery with flows up to 232 gallons per minute.

Roper Pumps

Roper Pumps

Versatile, economically priced helical gear pumps available from 2 to 4 inch sizes with cast iron housings. The sealing capabilities we offer are rope packaging including teflon and graphite, mechanical, DSA & triple lip seal. These pumps are more tolerant of pumping mildly abrasive liquids than sliding vane pumps. Many of our customers use Roper pumps for transporting heavy oils, diesel fuel, biodiesel, gasoline, resins, chemicals, solvents and molasses (for animal feed).

These pumps can be driven on-vehicle by shaft or hydraulics. Stationary packages are available with close coupled gear reduction configurations.

Related Products and Services

Gardner Denver Drum

Drum also manufactures the Hydrapak hydraulic oil cooler, available in a range of sizes, for hydraulic drive systems.

D&W Tank Truck

Drive-in services: we can troubleshoot your existing system, make any repairs or perform upgrades or installations to meet your needs.

Application engineering.

Ready to install modular units including:

  • Hydraulically driven gear pump/piston compressor
  • Electric motor driven gear pumps
  • Shaft drive gear pumps

Fabrication of mounting brackets and package units.
Spec’ing and installation of hydraulic & PTO drive systems.


  • Pump repair kits and parts
  • Mounting brackets
  • Air intake filters and strainers
  • Valves: broad assortment including air relief, petroleum, swing check
  • PTOs, drive line kits, couplings; electric motors or engines
  • Hydraulic drive adapters, gear reducers, bypass valves and T-strainers
  • Dixon Bayco gravity drop adapters, drop elbows for petroleum transport
  • Dixon FloTech overfill detection products for petroleum transport
  • Material transfer, air hose & couplings, custom hose assemblies
  • Gauges

Call D&W — the experts in spec’ing and servicing tank truck pumping systems for food grade, petroleum and hazardous liquids.