Petroleum Hose

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Dispensing, farm hose, transfer, aircraft fueling, dockside, custom assemblies.

Eaton Industrial

Hose for a wide range of applications including hot tar (crack sealer), fuel oil delivery, pressure and gravity discharge and LPG transfer. Hose ends & fittings.


Stainless braided teflon lined hose & assemblies for petroleum compounds including asphalt, greases, lacquers and paints.


Hose reels & hose reel motors.

Hose Master

Metal hose & fabricated assemblies for hot tar & asphalt applications of flexible packed interlocked galvanized steel.


Dry break couplings are used for the leak-free transfer of petroleum products from storage tanks and process piping to rail car or tank trucks. Bottom loading service assemblies also available.

Pacific Echo

Pacific Echo

PVC and rubber compounded hose with corrugated and smooth cover options for vapor recovery, gravity drop and suction for grease trap cleaning and oil transfer.

Smart-Hose Technologies

Hose assemblies built with the Smart-Hose Safety System which is designed to instantaneously shut down the flow of material in both directions in the event of a catastrophic hose failure. The Smart-Hose Safety system is a passive safety device and therefore, needs no human intervention to activate.


Butterfly valves.

If drive satisfaction and safety are important to your business, count on D&W for your petroleum hose assemblies.