Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

D&W Diesel is affiliated with the top manufacturers of industrial pneumatic equipment in the world. These world class products, combined with our 15+ years of field experience, skilled application engineers and hands on technical staff allow D&W to provide solutions to most any blower/vacuum application.

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a world leader in blower / vacuum pump technology. Blowers are used for blending, conveying, aeration, fluidization, and more. D&W is a factory authorized stocking distributor of the following Gardner Denver positive displacement blower products.


Helical screw rotor blowers and parts. Air flow of up to 6,700 CFM, pressures to 20 psig, dry vacuum to 17” Hg.


Rotary lobe blowers and parts. Air flow of up to 4,500 CFM, pressures to 15 psig, dry vacuum to 16” Hg.


Rotary lobe blowers and parts. Air flow of up to 14,000 CFM and 18 psig.


Provides airflows up to 3200 CFM and pressures to 15psig. Dry vacuum levels to 16″Hg

Helical tri-lobe rotors significantly reduces pulsations and discharge noise levels for quieter operation.

Aeon Lubricants

Synthetic oil and grease specially designed for positive displacement blowers. Available for both standard and food grade applications.

Engineered Packages

Diesel engine, v-belt electric motor or jackshaft electric motor driven blower/vacuum pump packages designed, assembled and installed.

D&W Industrial

Remanufactured blowers & vacuum pumps; custom rebuild services for any make, model or size, custom engineered packages designed, assembled and installed.

Related Products

  • Air intake and exhaust filtration
  • High pressure discharge filtration for food or chemical media transfer
  • Noise attenuation mufflers and enclosures
  • Pressure and relief valves, check valves
  • Structural steel base
  • Belt and coupling guards
  • Piping
  • Hose & couplers: custom hose assemblies or bulk hose and fittings for customers that prefer to make their own assemblies

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