Tank Truck Equipment

Today more products are transported by tank truck than ever before. Whether it’s dry bulk products such as flour, sugar, fly ash, cement or plastics; or liquids like chocolate, corn syrup, refined fuels, hot tar, LPG or industrial waste — bulk tanker trucks are carrying the load.

D&W designs, installs, sells and services many types of tank truck loading and unloading equipment. We represent some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers.

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Rotary lobe, helical screw and vane styles for pressure and vacuum applications, turboconveyors.

Vacuum Pumps

Air or water cooled vane pumps.

Liquid Pumps

Gear, vane and rotary lobe styles.


Rotary vane and reciprocating piston styles.

Hydraulic Drive Systems

PTOs, pumps, motors, lines and oil coolers.

Hose & Couplings

Metal, rubber and PVC hoses, cam & groove and specialized couplers.

Tanker Components

Silencers, drop elbows, strainers, valves, nozzles, sensors, swivels, overfill detection, aeration equipment, and more.

For corn syrup or cement, gasoline or bulk feed — D&W has the personnel and equipment to solve your loading and unloading challenges.