Tanker Components

D&W is committed to providing its customers with a complete line of quality components to make sourcing these products easier and more convenient. Whether it’s dry or liquid bulk, pressure or vacuum, our experienced staff is ready to help you with replacement parts or upgrades to your system.

Product Offering

Allegheny Coupling

Lightweight, fabricated pipe fittings of aluminum, steel and stainless including bends, tees, laterals, strainers, couplings & flanges belled for weld assembly.


Adapters, flanges, vents, valves – including emergency, gate and Wet-R-Dry.

Bulk Tank, Inc.

The industry leader in pneumatic tank trailer component parts, offering butterfly valves, hopper tees, check & relief valves, aeration, clamps with the latest products for food grade applications.

Dixon Bayco

For petroleum haulers: rebuildable API bottom loading valves and a wide assortment of drop adapters, drop elbows, vapor recovery and other tank accessories. For pneumatic and dry bulk haulers Bayco offers rebuildable swing check valves, straight and bottom drop hopper tees, air interlocks and pressure and vacuum relief valves.

Dixon Sanitary

Formerly known as Bradford, Dixon Sanitary offers sanitary pipe and weld fittings. Dry bulk tanker swing checks, pressure & vacuum relief valves, couplings, flanges and gaskets.


Overfill detection systems for petroleum tankers. Retain & overfill sensors, probes (optical & thermistor), monitors and sockets. Probes are compatible replacements for Scully & Civacon sensors. FloTech is part of the Dixon/Bayco Group.

Franklin Fueling Systems

Franklin Fueling Systems

Petroleum tanker accessories including air interlocks, APIs, drop elbows, overfill detection, and emergency valves.

Emco Wheaton

Petroleum tanker accessories: APIs, air interlocks, emergency valves, vapor vents and more.


Hose reels with spring or power rewind and a variety of brakes, locks, switches and other accessories to meet your needs. D&W offers new and remanufactured motors.


Butterfly valves for tank trailer, food processing, chemical processing and pneumatic rail car applications. Available in a variety of construction materials.


Dry break couplings designed for the transfer of a wide range of liquid products.

Wittig, Masport, Fruitland

Wittig, Masport, Fruitland

In addition to their lines of vacuum pumps, these manufacturers offer an assortment of components for vacuum trucks including pre-filters, primary shut-offs, manways, oil separators, silencers, scrubber-moisture traps, oil catch mufflers, pressure & vacuum relief valves, remote 4-way valves and more.

D&W also stocks a variety of vacuum and pressure gauges, mounting brackets and many other accessories for tanker trailers.

Consider D&W your complete source for all your tanker needs.