Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used on vacuum trucks to collect and discharge a variety of liquids such as septic, waste oil, industrial and hazmat wastes, just to name a few. D&W proudly represents three vacuum pump brands with well earned reputations for quality, reliability and longevity. We can supply our customers with new pumps, service kits, parts and vacuum system accessories. In addition, D&W offers remanufacturing services for all makes of vacuum pumps.

Product Offering

Gardner Denver Wittig

Medium and high CFM pumps, service kits and parts. The water cooled RFW series is suited for installation on sludge suction vehicles and high capacity jetting / suction vehicles. The forced air cooled RFL series is designed for medium sized vacuum tankers and fixed installation sludge handling and waste disposal systems.


Low and medium CFM pumps, service kits and parts. Masport pumps are unique in their double end shaft design. The same pump can be used in clockwise or counterclockwise drive systems. Available in liquid or air cooled, the HXL series is a proven performer in the field.


Medium and high CFM pumps, service kits and parts. The RCF family of rugged machines is forced air cooled and offers models for use on septage haulers, hazardous waste removal haulers, coastal spill response and more. Fruitland pumps are available in a variety of configurations, accomodating your needs for rotation direction and placement of the integral 4-way valve.


  • Lubricating oils & greases
  • Mounting brackets, installation kits
  • Tanker components including oil catch mufflers, air intake filters, silencers, shutoffs and manways
  • Valves: full assortment including vacuum and pressure relief, remote 4-way valve; ball, lever and piston in brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • PTOs, drive line kits and right angle gear boxes
  • Hydraulic drive systems including: PTOs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, valves, hoses, adapters, fittings and hydraulic oil coolers
  • Hose & couplings for air, product, and hydraulics
  • Gauges
  • Water cooling packages
  • Package systems custom built including: vacuum pump, electric motor or diesel engine; belt guards, filters and mufflers

If you operate vacuum trucks, call D&W for your tanker needs.