Component Testing

Engine parts and industrial components can be expensive and complex, making the troubleshooting process difficult. D&W maintains a wide variety of testing equipment and a library of manufacturer testing specifications so you don’t have to. We can help you determine if a suspect component is performing properly or needs to be repaired or replaced. The testing services offered by D&W include:

Component Tests Available Test Equipment
Alternators Voltage
Turn on RPM
Oscilloscope equipped test benches
Starters No load amp draw
Pinion clearance
DC power supply free run bench testers
Batteries State of charge
Load testing
Conductivity testers
Carbon pile load testers
Charge Air Coolers Leak testing Pressure leak down gauges
Fuel Injection Pumps Fuel delivery—from cranking to full load RPM
Governor cut RPM
Phase timing
High & low idle
Torque curves
Leak testing
Calibrated test benches
Fuel Injectors Spray pattern
Opening pressure
Pop testers
Injector calibration stands
Blowers & Vacuum Pumps RPM
Variable speed test stand
Hose Assemblies Leak testing Hydrostatic test beds

Some tests are performed at no charge, while some are more involved, take more time and carry a nominal charge. Even so, a small fee spent to determine whether or not a unit needs to be replaced can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

If your unit fails the test(s) you request, D&W offers repairs, remanufactured exchange and new replacement programs for many product lines. If the unit in question passes the tests but your system continues to malfunction, our product experts can work with you to identify the cause of the underlying problem.

D&W also has a variety of testing equipment available for customer purchase. Your local D&W location can provide you with more information on specific testing equipment options.

It’s a lot cheaper to test than it is to guess. Call D&W about component testing options.