Engineered Solutions

D&W’s staff is experienced in designing systems to meet your special needs. Our product specialists take the time to understand your unique application, have an in-depth knowledge of our specialized products, and know where and how equipment should applied and packaged to satisfy your application needs. Our skilled technicians will fabricate, weld, assemble, test and paint our engineered package systems for a final product that will provide solutions for your special needs.

High Output Charging Systems and Electrical Accessories

We have a great deal of experience in designing high output charging systems that can support very demanding electric loads. We design electrical circuits and install inverters for AC power output, battery conditioners, isolators, and other electrically powered apparatus.

We have designed systems and installed them on marine equipment, emergency response vehicles, recreational vehicles and other specialized work trucks.

If you need more electrical power on your mobile equipment, D&W can help.

Tank Truck Systems

Our tank truck equipment specialists are second to none when it comes to designing unloading systems for liquid and dry bulk applications. Whether you want to set up a new rig or upgrade your existing equipment, D&W can design a solution for you.

A good tank truck unloading system starts with understanding the nature of the product being handled and the loading and unloading environments: How might the product be damaged? What are the requirements at the unloading site? Is the product caustic or abrasive? How large is the particle size? Is contamination a concern? These factors drive the selection of unloading system components: the blower, compressor, vacuum pump or liquid pump unit, as well as any necessary peripheral equipment such as air cleaners and silencers. From there, the designer takes into account the power source (tractor engine, auxiliary diesel engine or electric motor), power transmission method (direct drive, shaft drive or hydraulic drive), mounting considerations and budget constraints. Once the design is complete, we can tell you how to install it or install it for you, and instruct you in proper operation and maintenance of the system.

We have created systems for moving a wide variety of products, including construction aggregates, food grade solids and liquids, chemicals, ink, and petroleum based products. Whatever you’re hauling, we help you load and unload it.

Interested in converting your tanker unloading equipment from shaft drive to hydraulic drive? As the authorized distributor of Gardner Denver’s Hydrapak, we’ll specify the appropriate hydraulic oil cooler, valves, hoses, fittings, and PTOs and design the most effective system for your truck & trailer.

We specialize in designing packages for the out of the ordinary. If you’re stumped, give us a call.

Industrial Products

Our industrial staff specializes in designing pneumatic conveying systems and vibratory conveying systems for in-plant applications. If you’re building a new plant, adding a new production line, or simply looking to replace or upgrade your existing equipment, our specialists can create a design for you.

Our team has designed pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems for a variety of industries, including food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and others. Beyond the blower or vacuum pump, D&W designed pneumatic conveying systems can include a variety of components including integrated control systems, valves, air filtration, noise attenuation, air locks, bag stations, hoppers, filter receivers, metal detection and separation equipment, flexible augers, vibratory conveyance and liquid separation for air entrained liquids. Design documentation is available, including full product specifications and CAD drawings.

Our engineered blower / vacuum packages are used in various applications including dust collection, liquid aeration, pneumatic conveying, vapor recovery, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, combustion air, vacuum applications and more. We also design stationary systems for unloading bulk transport rail cars and trailers to move product into the plant.

As an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, D&W can enlist the help of the staff at Gardner Denver’s world renowned Engineering Package Center. D&W is committed to providing you with the best engineering solutions available.

In addition to designing new and upgraded systems, the D&W industrial team is available to assist with the fabrication of D&W designed packages and troubleshooting existing systems.

Call D&W when you need the technical support to make informed decisions on equipment purchases, system design assistance, problem solving or fabrication services.