Fabrication Services

D&W offers fabrication services for virtually all types of hose assemblies, mobile bulk transfer equipment packages, and pneumatic conveying / industrial process packages.

Hose Assemblies

Our staff of certified hose technicians can fabricate hose assemblies of many types in our well-equipped hose facilities. Hoses are cut to length and ends attached by various means:

Clamping and Banding

Our Bandit #S750 pneumatic clamping machine provides a consistent method of end attachment with uniformed tension on preformed stainless and galvanized steel smooth clamps ranging in size for ¼ inch to 8 inch hose IDs. We can attach a variety of hose ends including cam and groove, Air King, and many more.

Swage and Internal Expansion

We are well equipped and trained to offer you permanently attached bulk transfer hose assemblies. We offer externally swaged assemblies in male pipe and cam & groove end configurations for use in petroleum pump-off, propane, hot tar, asphalt and other applications. With the versatility of the molcrum ram, we offer the internal method of attachment preferred by the fuel oil delivery and petroleum pump-off industry. To meet FDA standards, D&W can make assemblies with a variety of internally expanded sanitary or food grade ends.


With our array of crimping equipment, including the versatile Weatherhead crimping system and a T-440-1 COLL-O-CRIMP II Plus press, we can fabricate assemblies for virtually all your hydraulic hose needs, from 2 wire ¼ inch to 6 wire 2 inch assemblies. With factory trained technicians, we make assemblies to ship or while you wait. Our hose shops are capable of creating single assemblies or mass producing identical assemblies to meet your production needs.


We can weld virtually any hose end configuration to all sizes of metal hose.

Chemical Bonding

Using the latest adhesives and chemical bonding agents available today, we can attach a variety of hose ends to metal hose.

Pneumatic Conveying and Industrial Process Blower / Vacuum Packages

D&W can build electric or diesel powered blower / vacuum skid mounted packages for your pneumatic conveying or industrial process needs. We can customize the package to meet your unique needs through our engineering services. Our engineering team is also available to work with your general contractor to install complete new systems in your facility.

A typical industrial blower/vacuum package might include:

  • Positive displacement blower/vacuum
  • Diesel engine or electric motor
  • Silencer
  • Air filter
  • Relief valves
  • Control system
  • Skid base
  • Belt guards

In order to ensure the highest level of quality, components are selected from leading manufacturers, matched to our customer’s requirements, and assembled with great attention to detail.

As an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, D&W can enlist the fabrication capabilities of Gardner Denver’s world renowned Engineered Packaging Center for extremely large or certain specialized packages such as air and gas separation or landfill methane and gas remediation packages.

Hire D&W for your custom fabrication projects. We have the staff and the equipment to do the job right.