Hose & Coupling Safety Program

D&W can assist you in keeping your facility safe and productive with our hose and coupling safety program.

Plant safety has never been more important than with today’s emphasis on employee welfare, thinner profit margins and increasing regulatory scrutiny. With fewer employees carrying more and more responsibilities, it can become all too easy to overlook potentially dangerous situations that put employee safety and production equipment in jeopardy. All too often, it takes an accident to draw attention to dangerous situations that could have been prevented.

D&W can help you avoid the expenses that result from employee injury, production downtime, and regulatory fines by identifying potentially dangerous conditions in your facilities. Our hose safety experts strive to stay aware of current DOT, OSHA, EPA, DEC, FDA and other applicable regulations and standards, as well as safety trends and practices within various industries. We can help you identify areas where preventive maintenance is necessary, and can recommend cost effective solutions.

Our hose and safety program begins with a visual inspection of all hoses and couplings within your plant. Depending on the size of your plant and the complexity of your processes, our team of hose safety experts can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day surveying the hose and coupling safety practices within your facility. After the inspection, our team creates a written report of our observations and recommendations for your records. We then conduct a hose and coupling safety seminar for your staff. This seminar covers the basics of hose safety, and emphasizes corrective actions for any unsafe applications discovered during the survey. Of course, all information related to the safety program is confidential and released only to authorized plant personnel.

Call D&W to ensure that the hoses and couplers in your plant meet the safety standards of today to avoid the accidents of tomorrow.