On-Vehicle Services

D&W offers a range of services for diesel powered trucks from pickups to Class 8 road tractors, as well as recreational vehicles, school buses, emergency vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment. Call us for more details as not all locations have complete service bays. Appointments are recommended.

Diesel emissions testing with certified equipment

Whether it’s to evaluate performance or in response to a ticket, we can help. We can also make the necessary repairs to correct the problem.

Troubleshooting diesel engines

Our technicians get under the hood, diagnose the cause of the problem and make recommendations for the best course of action.

Diesel engine repairs

Our technicians can install and service the products we sell, including starting and charging equipment, turbochargers, and diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors.

Installation of electrical devices and charging system upgrades

If you’re interested in adding additional electrical equipment to your vehicle, D&W can upgrade your charging system, provide the specialty equipment you want, and install it. We are experts in high output charging system needs for emergency response vehicles, recreational vehicles, and other specialized work trucks.

Troubleshooting truck & tank unloading equipment

Our specialists will listen to your concerns, review the unloading equipment currently in use and help you solve the problem.

Installation of truck & tank unloading equipment

Includes blowers, auxiliary diesel engines, vacuum pumps, PTOs, hydraulic drive systems, compressors, and liquid pumps. We can outfit you from scratch, retrofit your equipment or replace specific components. Our technicians can also relocate a variety of common truck equipment, including battery boxes, air tanks, air dryers, and fuel tanks, along the frame rails to make room for new equipment.

Interested? Call the D&W closest to you for more information or to schedule an appointment.